Updates on Specialty Pharmacy Provider Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

NHF is posting all communications from specialty pharmacy providers regarding any potential effects that the COVID-19 pandemic could have on their ability to distribute product and provide services. If you have any questions about your specialty pharmacy provider, we urge to you contact them directly. You can visit NHF’s Updates on Product Availability page to see statements from pharmaceutical companies on possible impacts to manufacture of products.

As people are urged by state and local governments and departments of health to self-isolate or quarantine, people who use factor may have questions about their in-home supply. NHF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) recently released a statement recommending that during times of national emergency, patients with a bleeding disorder treated on regular prophylaxis should be able to obtain a full month’s prescription refill for their prophylaxis regiment when their home quantity reaches at a minimum an estimated two week’s supply. During these periods of time, the need to continue regular care regimens, including prophylactic treatment remains important. Lack of an adequate supply of treatment products to cover such situations might place patients at-risk for severe complications, including death.

Below is a list of statements from specialty pharmacy providers.

“We are well prepared to meet the medication needs of our patients so you can stay healthy.” Read Accredo’s full statement here.

“Our organization has initiated proper response measures to ensure bleeding disorder patients maintain access to the specialty drugs required to effectively manage their condition throughout this emergent situation.” Read BioMatrix’s full statement here.

Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group
“We have a large supply of medications and are shipping orders on time….There are shortages of some infusion supplies. We will limit quantities where needed.” Read Diplomat’s full statement here.


We will continue to update this page.

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