GLHF offers financial assistance for individuals living with bleeding disorders.

Emergency Financial Assistance and Other Support

GLHF helps people cope with the financial challenges of living with a bleeding disorder. We also provide other forms of assistance that create opportunities and enrich lives.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Our Patient Financial Assistance (PFA) Program helps individuals and families living with a bleeding disorder access affordable health care through assistance with insurance premiums, medical bills, emergency basic living expenses and medical ID jewelry.

To qualify, a patient/family must:

To apply for assistance:

Speak with your Hemophilia Treatment Center social worker to begin the application process, or contact Karin at 414.937.6782 with questions.

Medical ID Support Program

Our Medical ID Support Program assists patients with the purchase of a medical ID bracelet. GLHF recognizes the importance of medical IDs in patients receiving necessary care when they are unable to speak for themselves.

Patient Criteria
To qualify for a medical ID bracelet from GLHF you must:

Bracelets may be requested by:

Other Types of Assistance

We provide other forms of support to help our clients live their lives with more choices and fewer limitations:


If you have questions about an of GLHF’s Financial Assistance opportunities, contact:
Karin Koppen, Program and Services Coordinator

You can ensure that this critical financial assistance and other support continues by making a gift today.