Fundraise to Increase Awareness About Bleeding Disorders

We work every day to support children and adults with the education and resources they need to manage their condition. There are a lot of ways you can fundraise for Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation (GLHF). Have a look below to see how you can help children, adults and families of all ages.

Lead a Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk Team

Captain a walk team. It’s a great way to get friends and family involved in fundraising for the bleeding disorders community. One way to raise more dollars for your team is to host a wrap event. If you’d like more information about hosting your own wrap event, contact GLHF at 414.257.0200 or 888.797.4543.

Let’s Celebrate!

Celebrate any special occasion while also helping raise money for GLHF. More and more people are choosing to ask their friends and family to donate to a cause close to their hearts in lieu of gifts. By dedicating your special day to GLHF, you can make a difference for those struggling to cope with their challenges. Thank you!

Take on a Personal Challenge

Are you running a marathon or do you enjoy swimming laps or participating in other athletic- or non-athletic activities? Get some friends together to sponsor your efforts. Then share your success to help children and adults excel by donating the money you raise to support our scholarship fund for college, camp, career advancement, tutoring and more.

Jeans Days, Smoothie Breaks, National Food Days

Sponsor a special apparel day or a themed breakfast or lunch for your colleagues in exchange for a small monetary gift to support individuals with bleeding disorders. There are also national food or drink days for just about everything. Search the internet for one that works for your time frame and suits your taste. Challenge your colleagues to make a donation to GLHF to receive a tasty treat to honor an individual managing their challenges.

Community-Led Events

A community-led event is an opportunity for you to use your creative ideas to help raise support for GLHF. Events can be as simple as gathering a few friends together for dinner and giving guests the opportunity to donate, or having an organized event with various activities for children and/or individuals of all ages.

Drive-In-Fusion is an example of an extremely successful third party event held annually in the Madison area. It features a movie for children and provides donation opportunities such as raffles, auctions and refreshments.

If you’d like to talk to a GLHF staff member about organizing your own third party event, contact us at or 414.937.6783.