The 2019 Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk is September 28. Start Forming Your Walk Team Today!

Every year, Wisconsin walkers team up with the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) and walkers from across the country to raise dollars and awareness for the bleeding disorders community. Walkers put in hours of hard work to build their walk teams, host fundraisers, send out letters to family and friends and follow up with donors to help us reach our fundraising goals.

The 2019 Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk is September 28 at the Milwaukee County Zoo. It’s never too early to start forming your team! Walk day is a time to celebrate and connect with friends. There’s an invisible energy and positive atmosphere when hundreds of walkers come together!

All donations help Wisconsin families by:

  • Providing education to help people live longer, healthier lives.
  • Conducting advocacy initiatives to help ensure access to medical care.
  • Building awareness to promote early diagnosis.
  • Creating awareness for blood safety.
  • Funding research to develop better treatments.
  • Building a supportive community.
  • Promoting choices that lead to optimal health.

Start forming your walk team today! Visit our website for information.