How Does the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Reversal of Roe vs. Wade Impact the Bleeding Disorders Community?

There are many questions regarding the affects the June Supreme Court decision could have on the bleeding disorders community – including genetic testing and potential contraception bans. Below are several pieces highlighting these topics.

NHF’s Statement in Response to the June 24, 2022 Supreme Court Ruling 
“The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) is aware of today’s Supreme Court decision around the reversal of Roe vs. Wade. NHF will continue to be a champion and stand firm in the fight for women’s health, health equity, and access to care for all. For more information on abortion and bleeding disorders, please visit for a recent series of articles that discuss this very topic.” – Dr. Len Valentino  

What Women with Bleeding Disorders Need to Know About Abortion // Qué deben saber las mujeres con trastornos hemorrágicos sobre el aborto

Ask a Social  Worker: Is It Safe for Me to Have an Abortion? // Pregunte a un trabajador social: ¿Es seguro que yo tenga un aborto?
Source: National Hemophilia Foundation

NHF’s Statement Addressing Potential Contraception Bans
Abortion and contraception can both be critical components of an individual’s health care journey. However, it is important to not conflate abortion and birth control as one in the same – both are medical in nature but serve different purposes.Yet, many policymakers are treating abortion and contraception as one-in-the-same, and as something that must be controlled or limited. Read more.
Source: National Hemophilia Foundation

Supreme Court Decision and Genetic Testing
by: Laurie Kelley
Thoughts on how the Supreme Court decision on abortion might affect genetic testing outcomes. Read more.
Source: The Communiqué – August 2022, LA Kelley Communications, Inc.

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