NHF Addresses Potential Contraception Bans

A statement from the National Hemophilia Foundation.

Abortion and contraception can both be critical components of an individual’s health care journey. However, it is important to not conflate abortion and birth control as one in the same – both are medical in nature but serve different purposes.

Yet, many policymakers are treating abortion and contraception as one-in-the-same, and as something that must be controlled or limited.

For several decades, contraception – whether an implanted device or hormonal birth control pills – has served as a crucial aid to control bleeding for many members of the inheritable blood and bleeding disorders community. These tools have been life-changing for many individuals, as they have regulated or lessened bleeding, thus improving quality of life and lived experience.

Limiting or banning these safe and effective medical tools don’t just harm an individual’s reproductive rights but would disrupt other medical needs as well – possibly to the point of fatality.

The inheritable blood and bleeding disorders community is one of many that use birth control for medical purposes beyond reproductive rights. Interfering with existing access to care would negatively impact the medical needs of many, as well as the shared- decision making of patients and health care providers across the entire medical spectrum, who are simply using the resources available to them to provide the best care possible.

Source: National Hemophilia Federation, July 2022

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