Children’s Storybooks Provide Insight and Education for Kids with Hemophilia

LA Kelley Communications has many books back in print that provide the bleeding disorders community with high quality educational materials. Their content is created by professionals, parents and patients with years of experience. Recently, they highlighted two new children’s books: Alexis: The Prince who Had Hemophilia and Just a Boy.

Alexis: The Prince who Had Hemophilia, by Laureen A. Kelley, is the true story of Alexis, youngest child of Russia Tsar Nicholas II, and how his hemophilia influenced events leading to the Russian Revolution. (Ages 8 and older).

Just a Boy, by Ziva Mann, is a whimsical storybook about an imaginative child with hemophila who learns to control his pain as he transitions to needles. Guided by loving suggestions from his mother, the boy tries different pain control techniques while imagining he is different until he conquers his fear. (Ages 3-6).

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