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Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a magical, life-changing experience for a child living with a bleeding disorder.

At camp, children develop confidence, independence and build life-long friendships and memories.  Camp is also a place of encouragement, mentoring, and education for kids learning to self-infuse and enhance their role in self-care, a skill essential for life.

If your child is interested in the opportunity to play, learn, and grow in a safe environment with other children facing similar challenges, please consider sending them to camp this summer.


Camp Klotty Pine 
July 9-14, 2018

Register  by June 16
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GLHF thanks the BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Camp Klotty Pine's Legacy Sponsor, and Shire, Camp Klotty Pine's Light the Way Sponsor! Their extraordinary generosity helps GLHF develop wonderful camp activities and a robust camp program — both of which create wonderful memories and a great camp experience for kids!


Camp Kotty Pine Legacy Sponsor:


Camp Klotty Pine Light the Way Sponsor:



GLHF provides Camperships to cover the cost of Camp Klotty Pine for families unable to do so on their own. It is GLHF’s goal to ensure that all children living in Wisconsin, or receiving care from a Wisconsin Hemophilia Treatment Center, that would like to attend camp, have the opportunity to do so.

Camperships allow children to attend camp at a significantly reduced cost. If cost is a barrier to your child’s attendance at camp, please contact GLHF to apply for a campership. 

New campers are encouraged to attend Camp Klotty Pine in Wisconsin and returning campers may attend either their former camp OR Camp Klotty Pine. We encourage all youth to attend camp in Wisconsin, however we understand the attachment returning campers have to their camps in Illinois, Michigan, or Minnesota, and will continue to offer Camperships through 2018.  At that time the program will be reassessed.

Contact GLHF to apply for a campership if your camper is attending camp outside of Wisconsin as part of the grandfathered camper program. Camp Klotty Pine Camperships are included in the registration materials. 

Leader-In-Training Program

Camp Klotty Pine's Leader-In-Training (LIT) Program acts as a stepping stone for any former campers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan or Illinois, between the ages of 15-17, to move into future camp leadership positions. This three-year comprehensive program focuses on skill building, leadership development and service learning as ways to not only build competent counselors, but ambitious leaders for the future.

The LIT Program includes two training sessions in the winter and spring where participants will learn about positive behavior management, interpersonal relationships and maintaining a safe and fun environment for our campers. LITs are required to arrive the day prior to the camp session for an orientation.

If you are interested in becoming a LIT, please complete the application materials and submit them to Kailee Frederick at or 638 N. 18th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233 by January 15.

LIT Program Description and Qualifications

2018 LIT Application

2018 LIT Reference Form


Do you love summer camp? Do you have experience working with children? Do you want to make a difference in the life of a child? If yes, please consider applying to be a Volunteer Counselor at GLHF's Camp Klotty Pine. Please call GLHF at 414.936.6782 or Email: with questions, or to request an application. Applications will be accepted until June 1 or until positions are filled.

Family Camp


Although disguised by fun and games, Family Camp is designed to prepare families that have a child living with a bleeding disorder for the “true” summer camp experience, and help them gain comfort in sending their child away to camp.

At summer camp, kids begin to gain independence through self infusions and care, learn new skills, engage in healthy lifestyle activities, and bond with other children facing the same issues they do. Family Camp is the first step along the way to summer camp and all that it offers. 



Immerse your family in authentic camp activities like canoeing, hiking, archery, arts & crafts and rock climbing this fall.

Family Camp is designed for:

  • Children, ages 5-9 living with a bleeding disorder and their immediate family
  • Families wishing to understand the benefits of summer camp programs
  • Families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and spend quality time as a family amongst their peers in the bleeding disorders community
  • April 28-29, 2018 




To speak with staff about camp, registration or the campership process, please call 414.937.6782.