Video Celebrates Nurses in Bleeding Disorders Care

The National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (NBDF) marked its 75th Anniversary in 2023 by recognizing the contribution of various community stakeholders. As part of this campaign, a video was created to celebrate the pivotal role of nursing in comprehensive care for bleeding disorder patients. The video features interviews with experienced nurses who for decades have cared for patients at hemophilia treatment centers throughout the U.S., including Vicky Hannemann, BA, BSN, RN, M Health, Fairview Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders, Minneapolis, MN, who works alongside GLHF in the Region V-West/Northern States Regional Hemophilia Network. 

In all, twelve nurses share their unique career paths, personal and professional experiences, and tips for those considering a career in hematology nursing. Many of the interviewees reflect on the early years of hemophilia management, the evolution of treatment, and the impact of summer camps to empower children and teens.

The nurses also talk about representation and the broadening of the community to include women and girls with bleeding disorders, and other conditions such as von Willebrand disease and rare bleeding disorders.

Originally screened at last years’ Bleeding Disorders Conference, watch the video below!

Thank you to the NBDF’s Nursing Working Group for helping to coordinate and collect the interviews that make up this video.

Source: National Bleeding Disorders Foundation, March 2024

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