Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk Raises Funds for Bleeding Disorders Community

There’s a tremendous amount of energy and camaraderie when 550 dedicated walkers raise nearly $80,000 for the bleeding disorders community.

In September, Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation hosted two walks, one in Fox Valley and one in Milwaukee. Every year, walkers put in hours of hard work to raise dollars and awareness by building their walk teams, hosting fundraisers, sending out letters to family and friends and following up with donors – all to help us reach our fundraising goals.

We asked some of our top fundraising teams why they walk — and here are their answers.

Team Vincent – Fox Valley Walk

Vincent, who is five years old, has Severe Hemophilia A. Team Vincent has participated in the Fox Valley walk for five years.

“Our family enjoys walking because it is for a cause near and dear to our heart. Funds we raise help support families like ours. We all come together and unite with other teams to support the entire bleeding disorders community,” said Whitney, Vincent’s mom. “Vincent likes to walk because he gets ice cream when we are done!”

Team O Positive – Fox Valley Walk

Owen, who is six years old, has Hemophilia B. This is Team O Positive’s first year participating in the Fox Valley walk.

“Our family wanted to walk to give back to the hemophilia community, who welcomed us with open arms when we adopted Owen in 2013,” said Staci, Owen’s mom. “We also walk to stay connected to the community and give Owen a chance to meet other kids with hemophilia. He’s the only one in our small community with a bleeding disorder, so it’s huge for him to meet other people like him!”

Owen said he walks because he “likes to see other people like me with hemophilia!”

The Woltring Boys – Milwaukee Walk (Pictured Above)

The Woltring’s have 2 sons, Braxton, who is four years old, and Alex, who is one year old. Both Braxton and Alex have Hemophilia A. The Woltring Boys have been participating in the Milwaukee walk for four years.

“We walk so that our boys not only have the resources to help them live with hemophilia, but also the amazing support system we get from uniting with others in the community,” said Paige, Braxton’s and Alex’s mom. “The friends and connections we’ve made through the community have made living with hemophilia easier and have made us stronger!”

GLHF would like to thank our top fundraising teams!

Fox Valley:


GLHF thanks every person who participated in this year’s Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk(s)! Every step makes a difference!


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