The Importance of Saying No

by: Lori Jocobwith

As I learn to set better boundaries and focus on self-care before I put on my cape to help others save the world – I’ve been learning the importance of saying no.

Do you know “no” is a complete sentence? I didn’t until a few years ago when a friend helped me understand the concept. I’m not kidding.

For much of my life I’ve been an overachieving, type A, driving force to DO DO DO. It’s been exhausting. And then things slowed down last year. A silver-lining of the pandemic, if you will.

Today after my daily walk I discovered a path I’d never noticed before. While walking and uncovering some hidden gems less than a mile from my home I was pondering the importance of saying no.

Let me know how my musings resonate with you.

About Lori: Lori L. Jacobwith is a nationally-renowned master storyteller and fundraising culture change expert. Lori has more than 30 years’ experience helping nonprofit organizations with fundraising, including her fundraising publication, Ignited Fundraising.

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