The Importance of Copay Assistance Protections: Awareness Grows

For over three decades, March has been designated “Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month.” HFA and member organizations across the country mark the occasion with monthlong education and advocacy activities – social media outreach, state and local proclamations and resolutions, Hill Days, and more. 

In March 2023, as in past years, HFA was pleased to take part in NHF’s Washington Days fly-in. A principal “ask” was for lawmakers to support H.R. 830, the HELP Copays Act, introduced by Reps. Carter and Barragan. This bipartisan legislation would prohibit copay accumulator adjusters – strategies used by health insurers to redirect the benefit of copay assistance from the patient and to the health insurer’s own bottom line. If enacted, H.R. 830 would require health plans to count the value of copay assistance toward patient cost-sharing requirements. It would also close a loophole in existing law that allows health plans to define entire categories of prescription drugs as “non-essential health benefits” – thereby allowing the plans to hike patient cost-sharing for those drugs far above statutory limits. 

It was heartening to hear, during visits to the various offices, that lawmakers are hearing about H.R. 830 from a variety of patient groups. (Copay accumulator adjusters affect people with a range of serious, complex and chronic health conditions, who are united in the effort to ensure that “all copays count.”) It is also encouraging to see the rising number of cosponsors for the bill: 27 cosponsors as of March 27th. Advocacy matters! If you couldn’t come to Washington in March, please consider emailing your lawmaker to support H.R. 830 via HFA’s easy-to-use Legislative Action Center. 

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Source: Hemophilia Federation of America

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