Own Your Path

Take charge of your health care journey with the Own Your Path program! If you’re an adult on prophylaxis treatment for VWD or hemophilia A/B, join us to access personalized health coaching, valuable resources, and a supportive community.

Take control of your health care with the Own Your Path program! If you are an adult (18+) and on a prophylaxis treatment plan for VWD or hemophilia A or B, we would love to have you join!

What’s in it for you?

This app-based program will provide you with information to navigate life with a bleeding disorder. Being able to stay on top of your treatment is easier if you are able to manage your stress, get enough sleep, move your body, and stay on top of your nutrition. It is also helpful to ensure you have access to information to help you build your knowledge and skills about bleeding disorders; from insurance, to relationships, to traveling with a bleeding disorder we’ve got you covered!

You will have access to a health coach who will help you throughout the program to set and achieve goals, access resources and tools, and get the most out of the program. You will have the opportunity to attend monthly virtual meetups where we will dive into topics that are important to you, and where you will meet others in the program. We have participation incentives throughout the program to reward you for being active in the program.

Learn more at the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation.

Source: National Bleeding Disorders Foundation, June 2024

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