NHF Responds: Gov. Whitmer Signs First Bill Repealing Tampon Tax, Drives Down Costs for Families

Bill is part of two-bill bipartisan package that will repeal taxes on menstrual products.

NHF Statement In Response to New Michigan Law:

“The National Hemophilia Foundation thanks Governor Whitmer for taking steps to address the public health crisis that is period poverty. For girls, women, and all people who menstruate or have the potential to menstruate — and those who have especially heavy periods due to an inheritable blood/bleeding disorder (such as hemophilia or von Willebrand disease)  — lack of access to relevant feminine hygiene supplies can lead to extreme and troubling difficulties. By making period supplies affordable and accessible, people who menstruate can more steadily engage in their own lives, like being able to regularly attend school or work. Without the necessary supplies and support, these individuals are at a disadvantage and often held captive by their own bodies.” – Dawn Rotellini, Chief Operating Officer, National Hemophilia Foundation

Source: National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF)

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