New Partners Module Explores Home Treatment Logs

The Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education Program has announced the launch of a new online learning module, “Accounting for Home Care: The Role of Treatment Logs in Bleeding Disorder Self-Management.”

Healthcare providers who complete the activity will learn about the important role of log-keeping for the home treatment of hemophilia patients; the different type logs available along with their respective features; and patient/provider viewpoints on the use of such tools. The clinical and research application of treatment logs will also be covered in this module.

The target audience for this activity includes nurses, nurse practitioners, and other multidisciplinary hemophilia treatment center staff engaged in the care of persons with bleeding disorders who utilize home treatment to manage or prevent bleeding episodes

Learn more about this activity, the associated accreditation, and how to register today!

Established in 1996, the Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education Program promotes excellence in care through education, created by and for the HTC Network and providers from a variety of disciplines that serve patients with bleeding and other coagulation disorders. The program is a collaborative initiative of the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center, National Hemophilia Foundation and Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan.

Source: Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education Program

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