New Nursing Guidelines Available on Administration of Bleeding Disorders Therapies

These guidelines are readily accessible in PDF format on the NHF website.

NHF is pleased to announce that two new resources have been added to the Nurses’ Guide to Bleeding Disorders (NGBD), both of which were developed to be practical guidelines for the preparation and administration of bleeding disorders therapies. These guidelines were made possible through the clinical expertise, professional experience, and hard work of NHF’s Nursing Working Group (NWG).

The NWG Infusion Therapy Guidelines, encompass all the key steps that ensure safe and effective intravenous administration of factor replacements products. It outlines the process of infusion, including vein selection, venipuncture, plus pre-and-post-procedure steps.

The NWG Emicizumab Subcutaneous Injection Guidelines, were created, in large part, to help educate patients on how to properly self-administer emicizumab via subcutaneous injection. The guideline is not meant to represent the sole resource on this subject but rather to be a  supplement to existing patient education on the therapy. The guideline speaks to the various pre-and-post injection steps, requisite equipment/supplies, plus key guidance on choosing an injection site.

A trusted resource for more than 25 years, the NGBD was conceived of as an ever expanding and evolving resource that could speak to a great many practical topics that are germane to the practice of nursing in patients with inheritable bleeding disorders. Access the complete guide to learn more!

Source: National Hemophilia Foundation, August 2021

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