New Genotyping Recommendations Issued by MASAC

The new recommendation describes the proven benefits of genotyping people with hemophilia

NHF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) has approved a new recommendation on genotyping for people with hemophilia, which were endorsed by the NHF Board of Directors on July 6th.

The document provides a brief historic background of genotyping, including NHF’s efforts to advance its usage in the hemophilia community. It also highlights its proven utility and many benefits, including enhanced diagnosis and screening for carrier status, inhibitor risk, complementing personalized therapy, and for anticipating an individual’s potential candidacy for gene therapies as they become available.

MASAC subsequently issues a series of specific recommendations geared towards broadening access to genotyping, plus emphasizing the importance of specialized laboratory testing.

Access MASAC Document 273 – Recommendations on Genotyping for Persons with Hemophilia today!

View the complete list of current MASAC documents.

Source: National Hemophilia Foundation, July 2022

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