MASAC Encourages People with Bleeding Disorders to be Included in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Individuals with inherited and acquired bleeding disorders, including hemophilia have substantial deficits in coagulation, for which they receive a variety of protein replacement products on a frequent basis. The coagulopathy intrinsic to COVID-19 contributes substantially to morbidity and mortality in infected individuals who have clinically apparent disease. Having a coagulation disorder greatly complicates the management of these patients as a primary method of treatment of the coagulopathy is anticoagulation. Anticoagulation can be administered effectively in persons with bleeding disorders, under appropriate supervision of hemostatic correction through Hemophilia Treatment Centers.

For these reasons, persons with bleeding disorders should be considered a high-risk group if they acquire a clinical COVID-19 infection and should be a high priority for participation in passive immunity, monoclonal antibody, and vaccine clinical trials.

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