March Declared Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month

Beginning in 2018, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proclaimed March as Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month – which will now be included on the National Health Observances calendar. This special month aims to foster a stronger sense of unity and shared purpose among individuals in our community with all inheritable bleeding disorders, and elevate awareness and engagement.

The Proclamation states that Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month “generates greater awareness and understanding of not only hemophilia but all inheritable bleeding disorders, including von Willebrand disease, which alone impacts more than 3.2 million individuals; and this Awareness Month fosters a greater sense of community and shared purpose among individuals with all inheritable bleeding disorders.”

Furthermore, the proclamation states that “this Awareness Month elevates awareness of and engagement in the inheritable bleeding disorders journey to the general public, enabling the prevention of illness, unnecessary procedures and disability.”

Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation thanks the Governor for this proclamation.

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