Learn More About 2024 Bleeding Disorders Scholarships

The National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (NBDF) HANDI Resources Center Team is pleased to announce new 2024 scholarship opportunities available for the bleeding disorders community!

Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation (GLHF) also offers scholarships for individuals and families living with a bleeding disorder. We offer a Career Development Scholarships and a College Bound Scholarship – both of which have applications that are available year-round. For information about GLHF’s Scholarship Program, click here.

NBDF scholarships include:

Kevin Child Scholarship (KCS)
The KCS awards $1,000 to eligible individuals living in the U.S. diagnosed with either hemophilia A or B. Eligible applicants need to be a high school senior intending to further their education (at a college/university or vocational-technical school), or a student already matriculating in college/university or pursuing a post-secondary or graduate degree. Applications will be accepted solely by email up until June 4, 2024, at 5pm EST.

2024 Scholarships 
Each year, HANDI compiles a list of post-secondary educational scholarships that are available to students living with inheritable bleeding disorders and/or their family members. Eligible disorders, which will vary depending on the specific program, may include hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and rare/ultra factor deficiencies.

Application deadlines are fast-approaching. Access this link to download a 2024 KCS application and to view the complete list of 2024 scholarships.

We want to remind students that each of these scholarships has criteria and terms set by the sponsor organization. Applicants are strongly encouraged to check the corresponding weblink or email the designated contact listed under each scholarship for more specific details on eligibility or questions related to procedures for submission.

Also, please stay tuned for upcoming resources to help finance a college education.

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Source: National Bleeding Disorders Foundation, April 2024

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