Is Your Child Ready to Embrace Camp This Year? Join us for Camp Klotty Pine August 8-13!

Each camper arrives at GLHF’s Camp Klotty Pine feeling different about the week ahead, but all campers leave feeling like they are a part of something. Our campers discover themselves under the trees, in the water, and by a fire under the night sky. They change and find a home away from home.

Camp is a place of encouragement, mentoring, and education. Camp breaks down the walls between campers, counselors, program and medical staff, creating an atmosphere of support and inclusiveness. Because of this newly found community, our campers take the confidence they feel here and carry it throughout their lives. On the way home campers’ caregivers hear stories about swimming, counselors, hikes, crazy songs and gaga. That’s what keeps your kids asking to come back to GLHF’s Camp Klotty Pine year after year. But, all of those things are small compared to the spark ignited within your child the week they are away at camp.

If your child is ready to embrace camp this year, visit our website for information about camperships, registration and our Leader-In Training-Program, or contact Karin at or 414.937.6784.

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