Emergency Department Guidelines Now Available in Multiple Formats

It is critical that an individual with a bleeding disorder who presents in an emergency department (ED) be triaged and administered care as expeditiously as possible, as even briefs delays can have serious health implications for the patient. To better equip healthcare providers who practice in an ED setting, NHF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council created new guidelines on the ED management of patients with bleeding disorders.

NHF is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Guideline Central to make this important resource available in a both a hard copy pocket guide and digital formats, including on mobile devices. It is our hope that a diversity of formats will offer greater utility and encourage broad usage by EDs across the country.

Visit the NHF website to learn more about the guidelines and how to access them today!

Founded in 1999, Guideline Central provides healthcare professionals with evidence-based clinical decision-support tools that are current, practical, and easily accessible. They partner with medical societies and government agencies to provide quick-reference tools that physicians can rely on for credible guidance in the management of a medical condition.

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