Documentary Film, Bombardier Blood, Released Worldwide. Order Today!

The film, Bombardier Blood (@bombardierblood) had its worldwide release on August 18! The documentary of Chris Bombardier’s attempt to be the first person with severe hemophilia to summit Mount Everest is now available!

GLHF had the honor to host a pre-screening of the film this past December in both Mequon and Madison. After the screening, Chris answered questions about his journey and signed copies of his book for attendees. His story is truly amazing and inspiring.

Order the film today to get Bombardier Blood and #hemophilia on the front page of iTunes:

20% of proceeds support Save One Life (Tag: @saveonelife) Follow Bombardier Blood (tag: @bombardierblood) to be the first to know where else you can watch the film when it’s released worldwide, August 18!

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