#CampLife! Camp Klotty Pine Welcomed Campers Home for Another Successful Year!

Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation (GLHF) has been sending children with bleeding disorders to summer camps for more than 20 years in states outside of Wisconsin. Approximately 13 years ago we put plans in place to offer a camp of our very own right here in Wisconsin. We began with Family Camp in 2011 and quickly watched our camp community begin to grow with tremendous enthusiasm. After gaining the trust and support of the community, we laid the groundwork and began building our summer camp from the ground up, launching Camp Klotty Pine 2014.

From the very beginning our campers and our camp program thrived. Our camp program continued to flourish even during challenges including the pandemic and changing camp locations – proving that the heart of camp comes from within. Every summer since its inception, we have seen steadfast support and enthusiasm from our campers, families, HTs and dedicated staff. 

We recently celebrated our 10th summer at Camp Klotty Pine. Campers traveled from across the state and were welcomed home for this very special week. It has been an honor to watch the faces of campers as they accomplish a new goal in the health lodge, challenge themselves in an activity, laugh uncontrollably during a silly song or connect with friends. Our campers are bonded by their shared experiences – something that’s incredible to witness and difficult to put into words.

Camp staff work tirelessly to provide an atmosphere that’s inclusive, supportive, safe, fun, while at the same time pushing our campers to grow and find themselves. We don’t typically have a theme at camp because the camp experience says it all. But the tone and message is clearly one of friendship and acceptance. The last night of camp, while sitting around our closing fire, campers spontaneously shared what camp meant to them. We heard so many of our campers talk about their struggles outside of camp. However, within their new camp community, they felt connected and not alone.

As we reflect on our 10th year, it’s to see how our campers lives have been enriched: learning how to self-infuse, discovering a love of music, a sport, or a goofy side of their personality. But most of all, Camp Klotty Pine has provided campers with a second home – a home where they can be exactly who they are. 

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