Alex Borstein Brings Star Power to Raise Awareness of VWD

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) and Takeda have teamed up to launch a series of PSAs and resources that hope to increase the awareness of von Willebrand disease (VWD). The PSAs feature Alex Borstein, Emmy-award winning actress, writer, and producer who has long been an advocate and spokesperson for people with bleeding disorders. Ms. Borstein recently received her second Emmy award for her role as Susie Something in HBO’s hit comedy, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” She is also the voice of Lois Griffin on Fox’s animated comedy “Family Guy.”

The website,, features two PSA’s featuring Ms. Borstein that takes a closer look at how bleeding disorders affect women. There is also a downloadable booklet that will allow women and girls to gain a deeper understanding of the bleeding disorder, where to find treatment, and tips for managing the disorder.

VWD is the most common bleeding disorder, estimated to affect up to 2% of the US population, and is an inherited condition. People with VWD can experience heavy and prolonged nosebleeds, easy bruising, extended bleeding after surgery, and in women, very heavy periods. Although VWD affects men and women equally, women tend to be more symptomatic due to their menstrual cycles.

Ms. Borstein is no stranger to bleeding disorders – her brother and uncle both have hemophilia, and both she and her daughter are carriers of the disorder. She has continually supported the National Hemophilia Foundation and the bleeding disorders community and has acted as a spokesperson for NHF for many initiatives. “I have seen how it literally ‘bleeds’ into every aspect of your life. Not only from my family, but through my work with the bleeding disorders community, I have learned how these conditions have an emotional component that needs to be addressed too.”

“We don’t want any girls or women who have very heavy periods, nosebleeds, bruising – those symptoms of VWD that so often get ignored—to not get help,” said Kate Nammacher, vice president of education for NHF. “We’re grateful that Alex is using her platform to help more women recognize the symptoms of VWD and seek treatment and care.”

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