A Message from NHF President and CEO Leonard A. Valentino, M.D. Regarding the Fight Against Racism

The verdict is an important and significant step forward in the fight against racism, and the violence that it brings to our communities, however, our work is never done, and our efforts continue to ensure equality and equity for all in our community.

Dear NHF Family,

Like everyone else, I was closely following the trial and eventual verdict in the case of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, and I know that many of you were anxiously awaiting as well. Mr. Floyd’s death was senseless and an ugly act of violence.

It was my hope that the jury would evaluate the facts and render a fair verdict, and in turn, pave the way for greater accountability at all levels of our society, including law enforcement.

The past several months have been devastating as we have witnessed many lives that have been lost and countless others have been subjected to random acts of violence and bigotry. It has been an emotional time for the nation, our community, and especially for our Black, Brown, and Asian American and Pacific Islander community members. It is my hope that Mr. Floyd’s death and this trial will remind us of the value of every human life, encourage greater respect toward one another, and move us to call out and eliminate racist violence and other acts of harm where we find them. We must continue to work toward a more just and civil world.

Our work is never done, and our efforts continue to ensure equality and equity for all in our community and to dismantle systems of oppression and violence against people and communities of color. As always, you are not alone. We stand with you as partners, as allies, as family. We all have an obligation to stand up against racism, wherever and whenever we find it.


Leonard Valentino, M.D.
President and CEO
National Hemophilia Foundation

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