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Meet George and Tracie - Along with Tracie's Son, Zach

George and Tracy, along with Tracie's son, Zach, travelled to Washington Days this past year to address issues such as maintianing funding for Hemophilia Traetment Centers (HTCs), increasing the availablility of Medicare funds to cover the cost of hemophlilia drugs at skilled nursing faciliites and moving hemophilia medications from Tier IV to Tier III Insurance coverage. George is 84 years old and still lives with hemophililia. Tracie and her son, Zach, coninute to advocate for and be a voice for those living with bleeding disorders.

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Meet the Yosts

The Yosts share their story about what it's like living with von Willebrand Disease. The Yost's have three generations with the same diagnosis, but three very different experiences with it!

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Meet Isaiah, a GLHF Scholarship Recipient

Isaiah Reeves is a GLHF Scholarship Recipient who is pursuing a career as a pediatric hematologist / onologist.

Read Isaiah's full story and how GLHF's Scholarship program has benefited his future goals. 

Camp Klotty Pine Improves the Lives of Children Like Daniel, Don and Desmond

Here is a story about one of our client's famlilies who, because of our programs, are able to safely naviagete the challenges of living with a bleeding disorers. Please read how gifts to GLHF improve daily life for children like Daniel, Don, Desmond and hundreds of other individuals who manage bleeding disorders every day.

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Archived Stories


Meet Crosby 

Crosby is a charming little boy, who loves his siblings, enjoys reading, soccer, and hanging out at the hockey rink. One of the things Crosby has his heart set on is Camp. During Family Camp, his mom noticed incredible changes in her son. Camp was a space where he could try things he hadn’t done before and couldn’t do elsewhere.

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Meet Liam and Gavin 

They are your average grade-school kids. According to their parents Liz and Greg, they’re both “hams” who want to entertain everyone around them. Gavin (right) is eight years old and collects comic books. His favorite superhero is Hawkeye and when he’s older he wants to run a comic book store. Liam, 12, wants to be an actor or a lego designer — he can’t decide — and he loves creating and designing. Both boys take karate lessons, they both love summer camp, and they both have severe hemophilia.

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