Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

It’s easy to support Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation through Workplace Giving and Payroll Deduction

Workplace giving has the advantage of using payroll deduction to pay out your gift over time. You designate a total amount, and the deduction details. Many employers hold a United Way Campaign, Community Health Charities, Federated Campaign (for public employees) or even a company sponsored workplace campaign to offer employees this method of charitable giving. Workplace Giving Campaigns are usually held in the fall (September-December). If you are not aware whether your employer offers this benefit, ask your human resources representative.

Please be sure to designate Your Gift!

You can make a gift to Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation through Workplace Giving, but the gift MUST BE DESIGNATED to GLHF as we receive no general or program support from the United Way. Please read on to learn how to make a DESIGNATED gift to GLHF. Whatever kind of Workplace Giving Campaign is available to you; it will involve completing a form that your employer will provide. Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation will only receive your gift if it is designated on your form to direct your gift (or a portion of it) to GLHF. If your employer requires a copy of our Federal 501(c)(3) designation, they will contact us after you have designated your gift to be directed to GLHF.

United Way & Community Health Charities of Wisconsin: When you are given a form to complete, look for the section of the form that lists designated agencies. GLHF is a member of Community Health Charities of Wisconsin, our code is 28413. There should be a place on the front of the form to direct your gift to an agency of your choice. If you need help finding this section, talk to the campaign coordinator at your workplace.

Complete the form using the five-digit code number assigned to GLHF, 28413, in the section designated to directing a gift to a specific agency. Please also include Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation by name as your designated agency.

We ask that you DO ALLOW the campaign to RELEASE YOUR NAME and contact information to Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation, so that we can fulfill our intention to provide a formal thank you letter.

If the United Way campaign at your company is conducted on-line (E-way), you will need to navigate through the site to find the Donor Choice list, then find the Community Health Charities list, and look for Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation. Our agency number remains the same, 28413.

Questions? Just Ask

If you have any questions about the workplace giving process, do not hesitate to contact Marlene Vidal ( / 414-937-6783) at GLHF for assistance.

Note: Community Health Charities is underlined above because it should be a hyper link to about the workplace giving process, do not hesitate to contact Marlene Vidal by email  or phone at 414-937-6783 for assistance.